GeneCards Inferred Functionality Scores (GIFtS)   about GIFtS

The GeneCards Inferred Functionality Scores (GIFtS) algorithm uses the wealth of gene annotations within GeneCards to
produce a direct quantization of the degree of knowledge about the functionality of ~169,500 human genes entries.
 Find a random gene for the selected score (or the closest score found).
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 Retrieve a list of genes within selected score range.
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From: To: Weight GIFtS by data from: Proteins Orthologs Publications
 Retrieve a list of sources with no data for a gene.
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 Find the GIFtS value of a gene.
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Weight GIFtS by data from: Proteins Orthologs Publications
Harel A, Inger A, Stelzer G, Strichman-Almashanu L, Dalah I, Safran M and Lancet D. GIFtS: annotation landscape analysis with GeneCards BMC Bioinformatics 2009, 10:348

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