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Version: 4.2
Last updated: 27 Jun 2016
NCBI build 38
Ensembl release 84
UCSC version Hg 38
Unigene version 236

GeneLoc presents an integrated map for each human chromosome, based on data integrated by the GeneLoc algorithm. GeneLoc includes further links to GeneCards, NCBI's Human Genome Sequencing, UniGene, and mapping resources. (More about GeneLoc.)

Previous versions: 4.1, 3.12 (uses NCBI build 37), 2.41 (uses NCBI build 36)

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Examples of GeneLoc Search Results

Current team:
Naomi Rosen, Tsippi Iny Stein, Marilyn Safran (Head of the GeneCards project) and Doron Lancet (principal investigator).
Past team:
Vered Chalifa-Caspi, Irina Dalah, Michal Lapidot, Tsviya Olender, Julie Stampnitzky, and Jaime Prilusky.