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Version: 4.8
Last updated: 1 Aug 2018
NCBI build 38
Ensembl release 91
UCSC version Hg 38
Unigene version 236

What's New

Version 4.8
Last updated on 1 Aug, 2018

Version 4.7
Last updated on 26 Mar, 2018

Version 4.6
Last updated on 23 Nov, 2017
Export search results to VarElect now allows export of genes and/or enhancers.

Version 4.5
Last updated on 9 Jul, 2017
Added button to export genes in search results to VarElect.

Version 4.4
Last updated on 6 Mar, 2017
Improved enhancer links to GeneCards show the enhancer details of a given enhancer in its highest scoring associated GeneCards gene.

Version 4.31
Last updated on 26 Jan, 2017
Improved user interface and improved enhancer functionality, including data downloads.

Version 4.3
Last updated on 6 Nov, 2016
Enhancers from our new GeneHancer project are now presented on the GeneLoc genomic map.

Version 4.2
Last updated on 27 Jun, 2016

Version 4.1
Last updated on 1 Mar, 2016

Version 4.0
Last updated on 28 Jun, 2015

Version 3.12
Last updated on 1 Jul, 2014
Improved user interface for more concise searches and search results, including fixed column headers for tabular output.

Version 3.11
Last updated on 21 Nov, 2013

Version 3.10
Last updated on 5 May, 2013

Version 3.09
Last updated on 20 Nov, 2012

Version 3.08
Last updated on 28 May, 2012
GeneLoc now includes >50,000 RNA genes, a more than three-fold increase over previous versions, with new annotations from fRNAdb.

Version 3.07
Last updated on 13 Nov, 2011

Version 3.06
Last updated on 19 Jun, 2011

Version 3.05
Last updated on 15 Feb, 2011

Version 3.04
Last updated on 7 Nov, 2010

Version 3.03
Last updated on 15 July, 2010
NCBI locations now come from build 37, which is compatible with Ensembl release 57, used in this version of GeneLoc.

Version 2.42.1
Last updated on 15 April, 2010
Marker types, heterozygosity, and complete marker annotation have been restored.
Due to a recently discovered oversight, NCBI locations in this version are based on build 36. Ensembl locations are based on release 56, which is compatible with NCBI build 37. Because of this, some genes may have superfluous locations. We regret any inconvenience this might cause. We plan to synchronize the NCBI and Ensembl builds in the next release of GeneLoc/GeneCards.

Version 2.42
Last updated on 3 March, 2010
New option on the home page to see the gene density of a particular chromosome.
A link to the previous version of GeneLoc was added to the home page. Version 2.41 is based on NCBI assembly 36 and includes some marker annotation, such as marker types and heterozygosity, that is not currently available in GeneLoc.

Version 2.41
Last updated on 23 August, 2009

Version 2.40
Last updated on 15 February, 2009

Version 2.39
Last updated on 12 October, 2008
Links to GDB were removed, as it is now defunct.

Version 2.38
Last updated on 28 February, 2008

Version 2.37
Last updated on 5 November, 2007

Version 2.36
Last updated on 25 April, 2007

Version 2.35
Last updated on 6 November, 2006

Version 2.34
Last updated on 4 April, 2006
GeneLoc now presents locations for microRNA genes, using data from miRBase.

Version 2.33
Last updated on 21 November, 2005
EntrezGene Ids and Ensembl Ids now appear in the GeneLoc results, linked to the entries in the respective databases.

Version 2.32
Last updated on 27 June, 2005
GeneLoc has a new look to match the GeneCards display.

Version 2.31
Last updated on 13 January, 2005

Version 2.30
Last updated on 3 August, 2004
Detailed exon information for each gene (from LocusLink and/or Ensembl) is now available via exon structure links from the GeneLoc map.
GeneLoc version numbers now match GeneCards version numbers.

Version 2.9
Last updated on 4 March, 2004

Version 2.8
Last updated on 6 November, 2003

Version 2.7b
Last updated on 15 June, 2003
EST clusters have been added to GeneLoc, using Unigene version 160.

Version 2.7
Last updated on 5 May, 2003
UDB has been renamed GeneLoc, following its adoption of the GeneLoc algorithm.

Version 2.6
Last updated on 11 February, 2003
UDB is now powered by the GeneLoc algorithm. GeneLoc unifies gene collections, eliminates redundancies, and assigns each gene a meaningful location-based identifier, which also serves as its GeneCards ID. UDB markers are placed in the genomic sequence using electronic PCR. They are then integrated with the GeneLoc gene list.

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