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Weizmann Institute of Science

GeneAnnot: Version 2.2
Release: May, 2012
Affymetrix GeneChips
HG-U133 Plus2

Synchronized with
GeneCards Version 3.08

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GeneAnnot provides a revised and improved annotation of Affymetrix probe-sets from HG-U95, HG-U133 and
HG-U133 Plus2.0. Probe-sets are related to GeneCards genes, by direct sequence comparison of probes to GenBank, RefSeq and Ensembl mRNA sequences, while assigning sensitivity and specificity scores to each probe-set to gene match. Where such matches are not found, probe-sets are annotated by their relation to GenBank mRNA sequences and UniGene clusters. The results are integrated with the GeneCards, GeneLoc and GeneNote databases.

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Current team:

Alexandra Sirota, Asaf Madi, Michael Shmoish, Marilyn Safran (Head of the GeneCards project) and Doron Lancet (Principal Investigator)

Past team:

Vered Chalifa-Caspi (founder), Shany Ron, Ohad Greenshpan, Maxim Shklar, Guy Levy, Asaf Levy, Liora Strichman-Almashanu, Naomi Rosen, Karin Noy, Orit Shmueli, Hila Benjamin, Itai Yanai, Ron Ophir.