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Weizmann Institute of Science

Version: v1.3
24 April 2007
Synchronized with: GeneCards v2.36
GeneLoc v2.36
GeneAnnot v1.5

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GeneTide Team

Current Team:

    • Alexandra Sirota, Molecular Genetics Department.
    • Marilyn Safran, - Head of the GeneCards project, Biological Services Deparment , Bioinformatics Unit.
    • Prof. Doron Lancet - Principal investigator, Molecular Genetics Department.

Past Contributors:

    • Maxim Shklar - (founder)
    • Asaf Madi, Molecular Genetics Department.
    • Tsippi Iny Stein - Molecular Genetics Department
    • Ohad Greenshpan
    • Shany Ron

The GeneTide team is part of the GeneCards Team

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