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Weizmann Institute of Science

Version: v1.3
24 April 2007
Synchronized with: GeneCards v2.36
GeneLoc v2.36
GeneAnnot v1.5

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 GeneTide is an automated system for human transcripts (mRNA & ESTs) annotation and elucidation of
 de-novo genes. (
More about GeneTide.)

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GenBank ID AA001049 , AA001025 , AA844004 , BE874217
Affymetrix HG-U95 probe-sets 1001_at , 37026_at
Affymetrix HG-U133 probe-sets 160020_at , 200994_at
GeneCards gene FMR1
GeneTide EGC number EGC10077
Unigene Hs. number Hs.2
DoTs transcript DT.104964

Current team:

Alexandra Sirota, Asaf Madi, Tsippi Iny Stein, Marilyn Safran (Head of the GeneCards project) and Doron Lancet (principal investigator).

Past team:

Maxim Shklar (founder), Shany Ron, Ohad Greenshpan.